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The T-Ring™ Digital Tourniquet

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In the spirit of hand protection, MASLEY Enterprises Inc. is proud to offer the amazing T-RING digital tourniquet.  Every kit should include one or two!

The T-Ring™ Tourniquet is for use on digits, designed by an emergency physician to significantly reduce the risks associated with one of the highest risk areas of emergency care – traumatic digit injuries.

  • FASTER – Immediately stops bleeding when slid onto a digit.
  • EASIER – ONE SIZE FITS ALL! There is no cutting, rolling, twisting or clamping.
  • SAFER – ONLY method to apply safe pressure on all digit sizes, and is the least likely to be left on a digit

“The World’s Fastest, Safest, and Most Effective Digital Tourniquet!”

> Description
The T-Ring™ Digital Tourniquet

The T-RING™ Tourniquet is comprised of a thin, flexible disc surrounded by a hardened plastic outer ring.  It is simple to apply, sliding or being stretched over injuries, simultaneously exsanguinating and achieving hemostasis to enable rapid treatment.  Unlike other digital tourniquet methods, T-RING is highly visible, bright red in colour and approximately 35mm in diameter, making it unlikely, if not impossible, to accidentally leave in place post procedure.

T-RING also addresses the more common complication associated with digital tourniquets: neurovascular injury due to excessive tourniquet pressure.  To avoid these injuries, it is recommended to use the least amount of pressure necessary to achieve hemostasis. The T-Ring has been shown to consistently apply the least amount of pressure of all methods, while effectively maintaining hemostasis.

The T-RING comes in one size, making it an affordable solution, as well as minimizing training requirements and enabling correct use by the widest range of medical staff and emergency care providers. Hospitals and Urgent Cares have shared that the time savings and lower liability risks are key reasons why they chose to use the T-Ring.

The T-ring is latex free and registered with the FDA as a class 1 device, "non-pneumatic tourniquet".

> Before Using

We recommend that for any military personnel (or emergency medical service provider) carrying a T-Ring™ Tourniquet, that they visit the website,, prior to using the device. Once at the homepage, find the video link and view 2 short videos, 1) Introduction, 2) Instructional. These videos are of recorded "live" footage of the T-Ring in use. It’s the easiest and quickest way to demonstrate the safety, ease of use, application and utility of the T-RING™ Digital Tourniquet.

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